Thursday, November 29, 2012

Final HW Assignment - Interior / Attic or Bathroom Space

Hoorah! It's our last HW assignment and I'm soooo excited because I made it through my first semester at MCA.

Congrats all!

Assignment Direction
Choose an attic or bathroom interior to draw in the same technique we are working on in class.

ink pen (F&M), rulers, 3-ply Bristol or Multimedia (18''x24'' or larger) 

Draft due for informal review - Tues, Dec 4
Final drawing due - Thurs, Dec 6

Current Student Work

By using line only to convey volume and space, the students were asked to draw through subjects from front to back, blocking-in, using techniques such as loose to tight and unfinished to finished.

Some of the results of our work from the last few weeks are below.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Final Still-life

Line into Value Still-life

Line into Value / Cross-hatching / Final Still-life

Tues, Nov 27: Complete multiple sketchbook iterations of the still-life to practice blocking in your composition and working with the cross-hatching technique for creating value.

Tues, Nov 27: Begin still-life draw on white bond paper.
Materials: ink pen, rulers, white bond

Thurs, Nov 28: Complete still-life on white bond paper.

Thurs, Nov 28: Begin final still-life drawing

Materials: ink pen, rulers, 3-ply Bristol or Multimedia (18''x24'' or larger)

Thurs, Dec 6: Final Still-life drawing due on 3-ply Bristol

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sketchbook Exercise - Line into Value Introduction

Line into Value / Cross-hatching / Simple Objects

By using only line, experiment with how cross-hatching can create value. Show a range from light to dark. You do not need to use rulers for this exercise, but make sure your lines don't become wrapped, scribble, or texture-like. Your lines should be clearly cross-hatching only.

1 object / page
each object should have a ground so that we can see the cast shadow.

1. fruit
2. sports ball
3. vase
4. hat
5. open umbrella

**NOTE: You should do one object on each page, not all in one like the examples below**

Skeletons "Finished to Unfinished" Part 2.

1. Work on top of your finished controlled contour drawing and layer in more gestural, less controlled line-work.
3. You have the option of adding LIMITED value. Use it as a means to give you more of a push-and-pull of space. Notice in the drawings below value is nearly non-existent.
4. Be conscious of your decisions to place value. 
5. Review final drawings

**If I see that we continue to overly lean on value in our drawings, I will either take it out of your arsenal, or I'll give you a specific number of times you can use it within each drawing.**