Thursday, November 8, 2012

Free-hand Perspective - Plants & Flowers

The assignment:
  1. Use the same techniques we have been practicing in class - loose to tight, blocking in, line quality and variation. 
  2. Create your own still-life or work outside. 
  3. Draw through plants and flowers - be meticulous.
  4. Work from the foreground to background, creating a detailed 3D environment.
  5. line only
Feedback from our class critique
1. Draw layers and layer of what you see
2. Work from light, mid-light, dark-light while you finalize perspective - don't move on to darker mediums until perspective is correct.
3. work from dark-light-fine, dark-medium, dark-dark until you have a very tight drawing
4. Avoid sketch lines as you move into darker mediums.
5. Be conscious of placement of darker mediums, heavier line weights.

  1. soft graphite
  2. hard graphite
  3. charcoal pencil
  4. conte
  5. good paper (22''x30'')
  6. rubber eraser


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