Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lines, Lines, and more Lines

  1. Tape off (or measure and draw) a 1/2 inch border (on 18 x 24 bond paper).  
  2. Vertically divide the page into 8 columns (landscape or portrait).  These can be the same or differing widths.  
  3. Draw a variety of lines horizontally across these columns so that they create an interesting overall composition while exploring line. Do not draw anything representational.  The lines can touch but not cross. Experiment with as may different ways to consider line as possible. 
I want you to loosen up while working on this exercise. A line can be so much more than an outline of an object. This can involve line width, line variation (lightness or darkness of the line), etc. 

Example Line Exercise from Elizabeth Brown's Drawing 1

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